I want to help you to homeschool reasonably. According to Webster, to be reasonable means that a thing is endued with reason, is governed by reason, is comfortable and rational, not immoderate, and is tolerable and not excessive. With the crazy schedules people keep these days, not to mention the prices of things, reason just sounds like something more of us should be embracing!

But, what is reason? The definition which best fits the homeschool world is that which is thought, or alleged in words, as the ground or cause of opinion, conclusion, or determination. Basically, it is why you do the things you do. It is your guiding principle, your operational paradigm.  Like an actor in the studio, it is your motivation. Reason also means just or right and carries with it the connotations of moderation and rationale.

Reason also functions as a verb.  It means to give or take an account, to discourse together, to exercise the faculty of your mind and deduce inferences justly from premises.  It can mean to debate something with someone, to examine arguments, and persuade another.  All of these have value for homeschooling mothers and students.

Here at Reasonable Homeschooling, we can sit and chat a bit.  We can encourage one another, as iron sharpens iron.  We can help one another to let go of bondage and instead embrace freedom.

I welcome you and want to encourage you to rethink your homeschooling with reason at the center of all you do.  We’ll accomplish this through the age-old concept of mentoring on the forums above.  I hope to add courses for Moms too via the Moodle Portal under the Classes tab.  What would you like to see there for you?

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