2018-2019 Term Classes

NOTE: Classes for the 2018-2019 term are swiftly nearing full capacity.  As of August 30, only Literary Analysis and Essay Continuum have space available.  The others are all wait-listed.  If you are not sure which option is best for your student, we can talk about it.  I can be reached at: chris@reasonablehomeschooling.com

**If you landed here looking for this term’s book club selections, these have been moved to their own page**

This term’s composition class offerings are as follows: (Letters A, B, and C refer to an approximate level that takes into account both grade and skill.)

Beginning Composition Skills (A): Geared toward dyslexic learners or new writers who are ready to begin composition beyond writing basic sentences using their spelling and reading lessons.  Since many of these students are taking O-G with me, these writing lessons dovetail what they are learning in their other lessons, but with the added practice of enriching vocabulary, combining words into more specific thoughts, and grouping the resulting sentences into interesting paragraphs.

Story Writing (B/C): This is geared to the middle grade students, but older students with time in their schedule can also do well here, especially if they want to learn about how to write fiction.  These students have gone beyond learning to compose sentences and paragraphs but are not quite ready to camp out in the land of reports and essays.  This term, they will learn what it means to craft good stories in a fun-filled environment.  NaNoWriMo is going to be attempted by all!  Throughout the term we will be learning what it means to be a writer.

Study Skills and Composition (B/C): This class is a combination of report and essay writing with test-taking strategies, study skills, and other helps embedded to help students maximize their learning. This is an ideal course for young high schoolers–or even new college kids–anyone who needs to learn to juggle multiple assignments, especially those with a writing component.

Essay Continuum (C): This class is for those high school students who are nearing graduation and need to spend time learning how to structure essays in a variety of ways.  Each week we will work on another way to slant our writing across the curriculum. This class provides excellent preparation for English 101.

Literary Analysis (C): This is for those high school students who want to learn how to write about the books we are reading and discussing together in RwR.  It is also an excellent class for students who are not taking Essay Continuum this term because they have time before high school graduation and/or they have time before they need to prepare for English 101 at the college level.