2019-2020 Book Club

July 7, 2019 (Updated on July 27 to provide dates for each discussion; updated on December 12 to reflect change to April’s book selection)

The books for Reading with Reason (for the high schoolers) this term will alternate between non-fiction and fiction Christian Classics.  These will be deep and challenging reads, so consider carefully whether your student is ready for them!

Sept. 6 — The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence

Oct. 4 — Pilgrim’s Progress, Bunyan

Nov. 1 — The Imitation of Christ, à Kempis

Dec. 6 — In His Steps, Sheldon

Jan. 3 — The Normal Christian Life, Nee

Feb. 7 — Hinds’ Feet on High Places, Hurnard

March 6 — Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Taylor

April 3 — Stepping Heavenward, Prentiss (Stick with it until the halfway point when it finally picks up!)

May 1 — More Than a Carpenter, McDowell

The books for Junior Book Club have been pulled from the Literature portion of Sonlight’s Core J, The History of Science, since that is what my son will be studying for the 2019-2020 term.  (NOTE: None of these books have anything to do science!)

Sept. 20 — Holes, Sachar

Oct. 18 — Mister Max and the Book of Lost Things, Voigt and Bruno

Nov. 15 — Everything on a Waffle, Horvath

Dec. 20 — The Westing Game, Raskin

Jan. 17 — Treasure Island, Stevenson

Feb. 21 — Fish in a Tree, Hunt

March 20 — Shakespeare’s Secret, Broach

April 17 — Half a Chance, Lord

May 15 — Code Talker, Bruchac