2019-2020 Writing Classes

I’m so very excited to be able to reveal what my writers will be doing for this term.  Instead of providing only age segregated classes, this term I have three options for secondary aged students.  Because I don’t have many younger kids taking writing this term, I only have one class available for the elementary kids.

Mondays at 10 AM: Literary Analysis of Deep Christian Classics (EC-II)

This class is ideal for kids who already know how to write basic essays.  They will get sustained practice in developing a thesis and structuring their paragraphs. Students coming to this class will also delve into research, apologetics, and debate, while learning to communicate effectively.  Because of the strong literary component, students who take this class are encouraged to attend Reading with Reason (the high school level book club).  Ordinarily, membership in that group is open to those 14 and up, but due to the nature of this class, strong readers as young as age 12 may be allowed entry.  This will be at my discretion because I want your child to be successful!

Mondays at 1 PM: Basic Composition Class (BCC)

The youngest writers will be continuing their journey through IEW’s core program.  We will quickly revisit Units 1 and 2 and then travel through the other units at the rate of one per month again.  This repetition helps kids get better with sentence structure, so it’s a good thing.  If your child has already been in a Beginning Composition class with me, this class is a great fit.  We will continue as we began, using source content from the students’ lives.

Wednesdays at 10 AM: Reports and Research Class (EC-I)

In this class students will learn how to write excellent reports and essays where they formulate strong thesis statements then back those statements up with relevant facts in their body paragraphs. They will know how to cite their sources and when to insert their opinions into a piece. In addition to this work, they will learn about informal fallacies in order to strengthen their arguments.  Source content for this class will be drawn from 20th century topics, people, and events.

Wednesdays at 1 PM: Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs Class (GUM)

This class is ideal for kids who need a heavy grammar and mechanics class. These students will learn how grammar and syntax rule the sentence.  By learning about words and morphology, they will increase their vocabulary. As they improve their sentence structure with an emphasis on all the mechanical aspects that lend help to the reader, they will be able to compose tightly unified paragraphs.  Skillful use of all of these little details add up to excellent papers.  I based this class on one I took when I was in high school.

The above four classes are the ones I have for small groups of students this term.  I have a few other students taking 1:1 writing lessons with me, as well as several Orton-Gillingham students this term.  Once the classes are full and the 1:1 schedule is also full, I can offer my paper grading services to you or put you on my waiting list for next term. I never put more than 8 students in a class, so be aware that my slots fill quickly.  As always, I greatly appreciate all of you!  I love teaching people how to read and write!