Book Club Selections

For the 2018-2019 term:

Reading with Reason Socratic Book Discussion Selections (RwR): Dystopian Theme

September 7th — The Matched Trilogy: MatchedCrossed, and Reached (Condie) Please read all three books since they form one story.

October 5thFahrenheit 451 (Bradbury)

November 2ndThe Giver (Lowry)

December 7th — The rest of The Giver Quartet: Gathering Blue, Messenger, Son (Lowry)

January 4thLord of the Flies (Golding)

February 1stAnimal Farm (Orwell)

March 1stThe Time Machine (Wells)

April 5thCounted Worthy (Good)

May 3rd – NO title chosen yet!  I’m keeping our options open.



On July 22, 2018, I deleted Logan’s Run and The Running Man from this list.

On August 31st, I added the specific dates.  If you plan to participate on a given date, you need to let me know!

On November 2, 2018, I removed Ready Player One from the list.

If you need some help putting all these dystopian novels into perspective, try reading Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.  It talks more about 1984 (Orwell) and Brave New World (Huxley), but it can help you to understand where we are as a society today.


Junior Book Club Selections (No writing component here; just great discussion about good character!)

September 21stMary Jones and Her Bible (Ropes)

October 19thLittle Britches (Moody) If you enjoy this one, there are seven more books in the series!

November 16thSquanto, Friend of the Pilgrims (Bulla)

December 21stBecause of Winn Dixie (DiCamillo)

January 18thSarah Witcher’s Story (Yates)

February 15thOperation Yes (Holmes)

March 15thA Wrinkle in Time (L’Engle) Please, NOT the movie version!  This one, too, is part of a series.  If you like this book, there are four more.

April 19th (We should probably move this one to the 26th since the 19th is Good Friday) — The Hawk and the Dove (Wilcox) We are just going to read the first book in the series.

May 17thA Beautiful Lie (Master)