Paper Grading

I’m excited to offer this wonderful service to homeschoolers.  Many moms feel inadequate to give an impartial grade to their high school student when working with something as subjective as writing.  My paper grading service can help.

I work directly with the student so you can take yourself completely out of the equation, but I also offer tips your writer can apply to future papers or that you can use to better mentor him or her.

This can work a couple of ways.  You (or your student) will send me a completed paper to be graded.  Usually, I receive these as a Word document via email, but PDFs and Google Docs (with permissions in place) can also work.

Option A:  I give a grade either based on the SAT/ACT grading rubric, a simple Letter Grade, or a combined score based on a Structure and Style checklist, depending on your preference.

Option B: I provide a prompt for your student with input from you on what he or she is currently studying and with a specific goal in mind.  Your student writes the paper and submits it for a grade.

Option C: You send me the prompt from your curriculum, I email the student with some ideas for how to structure the paper.  The student then decides how to approach the paper, follows the Writing Process, and sends it back to me for either editing first or a grade right away.

Any or all of these can happen in a given a term and with considerable variation.  Prices vary depending on the length of the paper, the depth of citation, and the type of feedback your student needs.  For most papers, using Option C (the most popular) with a length of 2 to 3 pages (or about 5 paragraphs), with one edit and then a final grade, and an average turn-around time of a few days, figure on $20-$25 per assignment.  Fees for longer papers or those requiring more documentation or significant editing will cost more, with “term papers” and dissertations being the most expensive at $60 and up, depending on length.  Shorter projects are usually around $15.

I regularly work with the IEW and LToW formats but also am very familiar with and have on hand the following: Omnibus; Jensen’s Format Writing; Writing Stands; Writing Power; Writing Aids (Tapestry of Grace); Creative Expression Assignments (Sonlight); CQLA / WBLA; Weaver’s English courses with the assignments in the Volumes and from each corresponding Supplement; Bob Jones’ Secondary Literature Textbooks; Hewitt’s Lightning Lit courses; Janice Campbell’s Excellence in Literature series; Center for Learning’s Novel Guides; and Perrine’s Structure, Sound, and Sense textbook.  (I’m sure there are more that I forgot to list.)

In addition to grading papers for students, I can also lend a hand grading papers for college professors.  Please contact me for more information regarding bulk grading since I only take these projects on when my teaching schedule permits.

Use my informational email ( to submit a request for my current schedule and to learn more about how this works (scheduling, email, software, payment, and other details).  I will respond to that email using my “real” email address.