2020 2021 Book Club

June 29, 2020 (Updated to provide the titles)

The books for Reading with Reason (for the high schoolers) this term will explore several aspects of what is going on in the world today, but they could also constitute a credit in World Literature–or at the very least, Lit. of the Western Civ.  Because of all the uncertainty revolving around COVID, I chose to use all public domain titles this term.  Therefore, all of these titles are readily available online.  That means no excuses if the library isn’t open!

September 4 — Anna Karenina, Tolstoy

October 2 — Frankenstein, Shelley

November 6 –The Prince, Machiavelli

December 4 — Middlemarch, Eliot

January 8 (Note that this is the second Friday) — The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

February 5 — Hamlet, Shakespeare

March 5 — (NOTE Title Change!) The Screwtape Letters, Lewis

April 2 — Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky

May 7 — A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens

The books for Junior Book Club have also been chosen for being easy to find.  In addition, two books from last term were skipped due to sickness.  We’ll begin the term with those since I know some of the children were disappointed they did not get a chance to discuss them.  Hopefully, the kids still remember the stories since one is not a public domain book! If there is a problem getting a copy of The Westing Game, I’ll switch it out for something else.

September 18 — Treasure Island, Stevenson

October 16 — The Westing Game, Raskin

November 20 — Pinocchio, Collodi

December 18 — 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Verne

January 15 — Peter Pan, Barrie

February 19 –Around the World in 80 Days, Verne

March 19 — The Secret Garden, Burnett

April 16 — The Little Prince, de Saint-Exupéry

Note: I might make a May selection available if there is interest.

If your child is not quite ready for all of the RwR selections, you can do some of one club and some of the other.  My suggestion is to follow this schedule:

Treasure Island, The Westing Game-OR-Frankenstein, Pinocchio, Middlemarch, Benjamin Franklin, Hamlet, Screwtape OR The Secret Garden, Crime and Punishment, A Tale of Two Cities.

You will want to contact me for the Zoom link and password for these discussions.  All take place at 1 PM Eastern time.  (Chris@ReasonableHomeschooling.com.  I’ll email back from my “real” email address.)