2020-2021 Classes

It’s take me a bit longer than normal to finalize my offerings for this term’s classes. Some of that is due to the kids that I know are returning to class, but much of it has to do with COVID and brand new homeschoolers. I want to ensure that I can meet all the needs that I see in my little corner of the world–whether that means you live nearby or not. (Yes, I regularly “see” students all over the country. I’ve even had an international student!) In an effort to keep you and me (as well as yours and mine) safe and healthy, ALL sessions and classes will take place via ZOOM. Once we have a contract in place with your Zoom Name, you will have a link to the Zoom Room as well as the Password. These measures keep everything secure. On to the good stuff–my writing classes this term:

For the first time in what seems like AGES, I am going to be holding three basic IEW classes, one at each of the levels, A, B, and C. I’m even going to set up the IEW Registered and Certified “thing” this year. Due to so many families just not being comfortable putting their kids into a classroom due to COVID, I feel this is the best move I can make to help others. As most of you who know me personally already are aware, I have worked at the IEW booth at my local curriculum fair each year for over a decade and I have been using their curriculum for longer than that. Their flagship product, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) is one that I absolutely adore. Additionally, I truly love what Andrew Pudewa stands for in his business practices and his life. Due to these reasons, I am happy to endorse Excellence in Writing in any way I can.

I prefer to teach TWSS live. In case IEW is new to you, Level A corresponds to approximately grades 3-5, Level B to grades 6-8, and Level C to grades 9-12. There is more to it than that, especially in light of the fact that many of my students are dyslexic. What we are really after with the different Levels is the reading ability with regard to the source texts. Because of this, if your child is dyslexic, we may very well want to back up a bit. However, since I am very experienced with teaching special needs kids, I will be using the Checklist Generator to customize each student’s stylistic techniques. This means that if your child is reading well enough for a particular level, but has executive functioning issues, we can probably stay on level. Before accepting enrollment in any class, we will talk to ensure that your child is in the right place.

Level A will meet on Wednesdays at 11 AM

Level B will meet on Wednesdays at 9 AM

Level C will meet on Wednesdays at 10 AM

In addition to these classes, I will have an advanced class on structuring paragraphs in particular ways. This class is very similar to the Essay Continuum one which I offer most years, but the difference here is that the content will be decided by the student. Only the structure and style will be assigned by me. I’ve planned this class to be very like what students do in English 101 their first semester of college. The Powerful Paragraphs class will meet on Wednesdays at 2 PM.

My final class for writers this term will be one that combines reading, thinking, and writing. We will be using paired texts that explore big ideas, discussing them, and then writing essays using information gleaned from the texts. This class differs from my usual literary analysis classes in that we will not be using the Reading with Reason books. Instead, we will be using shorter essays and selections from the Great Books as our sources. The Critical Reading and Writing class will meet on Wednesdays at 1 PM. (Materials required)

You may be wondering why all my writing classes are scheduled for Wednesdays this term. It’s because I want to ensure that I have ample time to grade papers, which will be happening on Mondays.

Orton-Gillingham Classes and 1:1 Sessions will be taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings. I have a VERY FULL roster of students this term. Short 1:1 sessions are likely. If I can fit you into a tiny group of 2-4 students who are in exactly the same place as your child, I will let you know. I also will hold a dedicated reading class where we focus on comprehension and the skills necessary for the “Reading to Learn” stage of education. This class will be taking place at 1 PM on Thursdays. On Tuesdays at 1 PM, these same students will be doing advanced word work via O-G (using upper SWR Lists and Enrichments) in an effort to keep their fluency skills in place.

Book Clubs continue to take place at 1 PM on Fridays, with Reading with Reason on the first Friday of the month and Junior Book Club on the third Friday. The remaining Fridays are reserved for Assessments. I will not have make-up sessions this term due to the availability of recordings.