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Hi, I’m Chris, wife to Jim and mom to Matthew, Andrew, and Daniel.  We started homeschooling in 1996 when I had a newborn along with a little boy who was ready to learn but not ready to separate.  I turned to Jim and asked, “Why don’t we homeschool?  How hard could it possibly be?”  Funny, right?  Of course, I had no idea then how slowly the days could pass nor how quickly the years would fly.

We’re a Principle Approach family.  Don’t worry if you are wondering what that means.  Generally speaking, folks who are drawn to the Principle Approach like to really dig into a topic and aren’t satisfied with “covering” material quickly or superficially in an effort to “get done” with school.  We hunger for more!  But, don’t feel like you have to be a PA-er to glean some good things from this website.  Homeschooling is about lifestyle far more than it is about educational methods.

My desire is that Reasonable Homeschooling be a place where you find refreshment and real help for doing your job as a homeschool mom.  If I can come along side you to ease your burden a bit, great.  If I can provide a shoulder to cry on, that’s OK too.  If all you need are ideas or reviews of curriculum, that’s here too — and lots more besides.  Anyway, here I am now, still homeschooling, still helping mothers, and still enjoying the journey.

(The website is still in its infancy so please bear with me as I build it.  I’m learning web design as I go.)


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