About Me

Hi, I’m Chris, wife to Jim and mom to Matthew, Andrew, and Daniel.  Officially, we started homeschooling in 1996 when I had a newborn along with a little boy who was ready to learn but not ready to separate.  One day, I turned to Jim and asked, “Why don’t we homeschool?  How hard could it possibly be?”  Funny, right?  We had been doing a “Playful Learning” thing with some local friends with similar aged children the year prior to that, and I had friends who were homeschooling older children, so the idea didn’t seem so far fetched.  In fact, some of the original pioneers of the movement mentored me!  Of course, I had no idea then how slowly the days could pass nor how quickly the years would fly.

We’re a Principle Approach family.  Don’t worry if you are wondering what that means.  Generally speaking, folks who are drawn to the Principle Approach like to really dig into a topic and aren’t satisfied with “covering” material quickly or superficially in an effort to “get done” with school.  Granted, back then there wasn’t much available for anyone as far as curriculum went, but still, we hungered for more!  Don’t feel like you have to be a PA person to glean some good things from this website.  After all, homeschooling is about lifestyle far more than it is about educational methods.

In 2013, after having taught several local students over a number of years and gaining a reputation for being the go-to gal in the area for composition, I launched this website along with a business so I could expand my offerings to include reading remediation, portfolio evaluation, and paper grading too.  I’ve been busy tutoring ever since!  My desire is that Reasonable Homeschooling be a place where you find refreshment and real help for doing your job as a homeschool mom.  If I can come along side you to ease your burden a bit, great.  If I can provide a shoulder to cry on, that’s OK too.  If all you need are ideas or reviews of curriculum, that’s probably here too — and lots more besides.  Anyway, here I am now, still homeschooling, still helping mothers, and still enjoying the journey.