NOTE: Many evals are still taking place via Zoom. You will still need an appointment. At that time, I will provide you with the Zoom link to the Eval “Room” that we will use. If we elect to meet in person, it will probably be at the park in my development.

This page is for Homeschoolers in Pennsylvania who file under Act 169 (1988) and its updates in Act 196 (2014).  I currently evaluate portfolios for families living in the following School Districts: Hazleton, Crestwood, Bloomsburg, Nanticoke, Shenandoah Valley, Pittston, Pocono Mountain, Lake Lehman, Wyoming Valley West, Dallas, Wilkes-Barre, Northwest Area, and Central Columbia (updated 2023).  Please use my informational email address (MissChris@ReasonableHomeschooling.com) to let me know that you would like me to evaluate your student(s).

I see the evaluation process as a partnership with the goal of fulfilling your obligation to PA’s homeschool law.  The law calls for sustained overall progress to be met; thus, the evaluation is not a test.   I charge $35 per student and generally provide a short form for filing with the District.  Long forms are available for an additional fee and upon request, but are not recommended as they can be construed as over-complying with our homeschool law.  During our evaluation appointment we will discuss your student’s goals and your plans for meeting them, but these are not things that the District needs in their files.

Parents of High School Students:  As of July 2017, I am registered with the Mason-Dixon and Erie Diploma Programs.  You can find them on the web here: http://www.mdhsa-pa.org/diploma-program/ and here: http://www.echsdiploma.org/diploma.html  Both programs offer some interesting options for diplomas, but please understand that a parent-issued diploma is not just feasible; it is also sufficient.  Pennsylvania offers one that the 12th grade evaluator is permitted to sign.  If you opt for this diploma, I will happily create a subject-oriented transcript for your student.  There are more options available as well.  We can talk about them when you come for the evaluation.

Because I don’t hold a teaching certificate, if you live outside of the above listed School Districts and still would like me to evaluate your student(s), you will need to obtain permission from the Superintendent of your District.  I can provide paperwork for you to submit to them to ease this process.